The worst kept secret

When do you tell people.? Who do you tell? I love to talk and often am an open book on all matters, opinionated even when not prompted. Now I am asked to keep silent! Hanse the start of the blog I think. I feel like I am telling someone all the things that I need to release, shame the blog doesn’t talk back.

We have told a few people mind you. I have told my dad, who was the strongest family lobbyist in the matter of pro creation, making for many of awkward conversation I never needed to have. I do adore him and I knew that he would help the feelings of joy overshadow the fear. My mum is still not the know. We haven’t been that close lately, and I worry about all the sensible comments as well lines like “now it’s all over” . My little sister who is coming soon to visit and will surely know something is up as I will sit for an hour on a glass of Pinot. Hubbies brother and wife. They have two kids and they have started to regularly reach out to us since the news. I am now part of some special club I teems, although I am not sure I wanted to apply.
With each new person we tell, I feel guilty about the people that don’t know. My doctors visit is this Friday, this will give me a referral for a scan. Supposedly once we have a heart beat some book said that we can tell more people.
Soon it will be the worst kept secrets, spanning continents and countries.


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