Super sperm syndrome

I am trying to be a low fuss pregnant wife, but with no family or close girlfriends here my hubby is my only source of comfort. The only person that can show sympathy after a 13 hour day, hold me when the emotions are running high, offer to make me a tea or share in the excitement . Unfortunately my hubby is enjoying his life like always with no breaks on any aspects of his life . He and his super sperm can for the next few month retire . Super sperm being a reference to the speed we got pregnant which he likes to underline in many of conversations. So I find myself nagging a bit more for attention and becoming a little resentful that at every opportunity a dozen beers seem like a great idea. So I find myself not being the cool pregnant lady, but the annoyed pregnant lady with a new aquired cold awake at 4 am typing away next my super sperm hubby, who is snoring away after a great night of beer, pizza and play station shenanigans – exhale- rant over 🙂 . 


2 thoughts on “Super sperm syndrome

  1. Totally agree with you here. The ‘other half of my current circumstance’ is not even in the same country and people don’t seem to want to even go out for dinner with the ‘breeder’ these days. At least I can rely on some stalwarts for day time support and the besties that are still working overseas for Skype contact. Good luck!

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