Dear blueberry ! Week 8

I find my self up before day break everyday, which allows me to write the thoughts I am unable to share. Funny how sharing with the enigma of the www is so much easier . I also realized this could be great gift one day to my blueberry! A short account on its development and crazy mum to be. So once a week I will endeavor to write a post just for him/her so I can let them know their progress, what’s happening and how we feel about all the changes. So here we go.

Dear blueberry,

Now dont get scared this will not be your name just a reference name at the moment. This is the size you supposedly are. You also, I am sorry to say look like an alien. I am sure this will soon change. You are so far a great blueberry, and you presence has had no effects of any sickness or discomfort. It’s like you’re not even there. The only real sign is that your usual bouncing off the walls mum to be, is more sloth like these days. I am very tired as you build your home inside my belly.

You don’t crave anything strange just fruit and water, and I am enjoying hot milk at night. Your oversized dad to be, is excited but I am not quite sure if it’s hit home for him that you are really coming. We are both praying that you are happy in there. First scan should be in a couple of weeks.

So far your arrival has not come with no extra padding but the belly is a little bloated as you make room. We have told our circle of loved ones about you. You are strangely making people cry from joy already. Your dad and I are slowly thinking names. He has also been great this week preparing dinners, so I hope you are liking what’s coming.

Sorry about the bad subway .. Moment of weakness and hunger in between meetings.

Well till next week where you graduate to a large raspberry, I think!

Love me


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