Dear Olive! Week 9

Hi there,

So besides that you have graduated from a blueberry to an olive in size, this could potentially be your name. Dad to be is not a fan so we are perhaps looking at Olivia. This is what one calls compromise , you don’t have to worry about this for a while yet. Names are being discussed passionately though, boy favorite thus far is Kuba and Sofia is also competing with olive .. I mean Olivia.

We are still yet to see you, so your existence is abstract to us both. I am still getting familiar with the healthcare system in this new land, and seems like a small mistake has been made, a form not filed, and hanse still no scan date in sight. A feeling of anxiousness has crept in. This has an impact on the slight insomnia I am still suffering. Seems my body would much prefer to sleep in 4-5 hour blocks a couple times a day instead of one long bear like hyper nation that I so very much want.

My work life has been particularly crazy so I haven’t had much time to put my feet up which I am sure is adding to the feeling of tiredness. Small addiction to strawberry ice cream is forming. Your still a great baby it seems, no morning sickness, so keep doing what you’re doing in there.


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