I want to see the baby!! Week 10

I am feeling a little anxious. It’s week ten, I feel like I have been pregnant for much longer but the state still feels surreal. Until there is photographic evidence I am still unsure if you, a small prune sized baby, are actually real. We have received our appointment date, 17 December. So happy it’s pre Christmas. I hope this visit will put my mind at ease. I hope you are there with a healthy heart beat, and floating around. It’s times like this I wish I had a life remote control to fast forward just a little. I am getting more hungry and more often, craving fruit all the time, alway thirsty and the frequency of peeing is driving me a little bananas. Still a little insomnia and more bodily function that I would care to admit. What is happening in there baby ?? Are you even aware of the little house you are in? How much you are changing? I can’t wait to meet you, dad to be got a little emotional when we got the date of our first meeting! I am also starting my bio-oil routine to help with your home expanding without too many stretch marks. Which is a brand new world for a girl who’s beauty resulting consisted always of shower and dry. Anyway have a good float and see you week 11.bio oil


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